Friday, October 16, 2009

Note that today is Friday, one day after my slightly ambitious goal of Thursday-ly updates regarding what my face looks like. With that being said, I think we can both get past it and move on.
My beard and I had a few interesting conversations this week. Most of them looking a little bit like this:

Wes: Beardy, please grow faster.
Beard: Wessy, please wash me more.
Wes: No deal.

On a not-so-side-but-actually-beard-related-note, it looks like my mustache is in dire need to a trimming. Don't get me wrong, my mouth loves have side mustache hairs making there way in while I'm trying to eat a bagel, but something inside of me tells me that it just needs a slight trim.
After re-reading that picture I just painted, I'm grossed out and done with beard-talk for this week.

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