Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Bungalow Roommate Engaged

So I am sure that you have already heard, but I am engaged to Rachael. It is very exciting stuff. I have been working so hard to do this and it has finally paid off. Here is how it went:
I was just sitting in the garage with Taylor and Tim and I was asking for their advice; "Should I just do this shit right now?"
Tim said that I should so I brought Taylor along for the ride so that he could take pictures (the fucking camera died). He also had to pause the second Dodger playoff game so I thank him very much for being a good friend. We drove over their and I felt nauseous and dizzy. 
I busted through the door and all of her little Cottage roommates were in the living room and caught on fast and followed my lead.
I walked right up to her bed, where she was lying, and got down on one knee. I asked, "Will you marry me?"
In her facial mask and "comfs" she said "YES YES YES!" 

Taylor hurried home to watch the Dodgers win in the 9th.

Great day.


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